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Splish Splash

Today I want to tell you all about bathtubs ... and yes I seem to be on a bathroom streak with my blog posts this month. 😂

Bathtubs, like most home features may change over time as tastes and styles dictate. However, there are 5 basic tub styles you may encounter when looking at homes or reading home descriptions.

The most common style of tub is the tub-shower combination. This tub is built in and includes a wall mounted shower curtain rod or glass shower doors.

A freestanding tub is not built in or attached to the wall. Freestanding tubs may include a shower head in which case it will be surrounded by a shower curtain hanging from a suspended rod. Often a bathroom with a freestanding tub will also feature a separate shower so that a shower curtain doesn't detract from the clean lines of the tub. 

In Victorian style homes or homes with an antique style you may find a clawfoot tub - which is also technically a freestanding tub. A clawfoot tub is known by the curving style and decorati…

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