Splish Splash

Today I want to tell you all about bathtubs ... and yes I seem to be on a bathroom streak with my blog posts this month. 😂

Bathtubs, like most home features may change over time as tastes and styles dictate. However, there are 5 basic tub styles you may encounter when looking at homes or reading home descriptions.

The most common style of tub is the tub-shower combination. This tub is built in and includes a wall mounted shower curtain rod or glass shower doors.

A freestanding tub is not built in or attached to the wall. Freestanding tubs may include a shower head in which case it will be surrounded by a shower curtain hanging from a suspended rod. Often a bathroom with a freestanding tub will also feature a separate shower so that a shower curtain doesn't detract from the clean lines of the tub. 

In Victorian style homes or homes with an antique style you may find a clawfoot tub - which is also technically a freestanding tub. A clawfoot tub is known by the curving style and decorative metal legs - hence the name. 

Garden tubs are large, luxurious tubs usually situated under a window for maximum light. These tubs are ideal for soaking. 

A whirlpool or jetted tub is a self-contained jetted tub. There are two types of whirlpool tubs - air jet and water jet. Air jet tubs have small jets which send warm air through and create air bubbles. 
Water jet tubs are more common. Water jet tubs have larger but fewer jets, which move water at high speeds. 
Both types of whirlpool tubs serve the same purpose - to massage the user for a relaxing experience.


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